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Why Bentolingo?

Simple, Practical and Relevant.

Bentolingo helps language learners overcome their fears and mental barriers in learning a new language and culture. Every single week, our Chefs make hundreds of unique bento boxes to bring video, text and audio content to you that is relevant. Whether you like food, shopping or business – you can start learning a language without worrying about streaks, levels or games.


Romance, shopping, food and more. There is always a bento for you.


Earn free miles every day by checking in and spend your miles to purchase new bento boxes as you go.


Save your favorite words and sentences in your basket so that you can go back and look at them for quick reference anytime.

What’s a bento?

A bento is a boxed meal made of simple carbs, proteins and veggies. The balanced nutrition and portability makes it convenient for busy folks to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. This is the inspiration behind Bentolingo for us. Our Chefs prepare bento boxes so that you can learn new and relevant concepts everyday – no matter how busy you are.


Create your own bentos and earn money when other users purchase them.


Record your pronunciation as you learn a new word or sentence and see how you accurate you are.


Take your conversation to another level by chatting with other learners and Chefs.

Meet Our Chefs

Learn From Real People

Bentolingo Chefs

Real People, Native Speakers

All content on Bentolingo is user-generated. Our chefs are lively people with love and passion for languages. We handpick our Chefs once they submit an application from within the app. Chefs are able to create either video or text content on our platform and earn money each time their bento boxes get purchased. Do you love teaching about languages as much as we love learning them? If yes, let’s work together!

Bentolingo Miles

Buy Miles, Spend Miles

Miles is the in-app currency on Bentolingo. We don’t have any subscription fees. Pay as you go, learn as you need. You can use your miles to unlock new bento boxes. You can also earn free miles by checking your Passport everyday. When you purchase a bento box, its yours – forever. Practice your pronunciation as many times as you want – and if you get them right, you also earn free miles.


What Language Lovers Are Saying About Us

“This app has great potential for growth because the content is user generated. Hope to see this app to grow more in the near future so that there will be more diverse content available.”


“I have been using this app for the last one month to learn Chinese and I have found it helpful in developing my concepts quickly.”


“I have started learning Japanese recently with Bentolingo. It’s a good app. I have fun learning new bentos each day!”


“I really enjoy the cute bentos. The teachers (chefs) are amazing and I am building my vocabulary based on native/relevant content everyday for Japanese. ありがとうございます!”


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